HDPE pipe fusion welding(jointing heating) machine

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hdpe pipe fusion machine / hdpe pipe fusion welding machine
plastic pipe fusion machine / hdpe butt fusion welding machine
fusion welding machine for hdpe pipe / hdpe pipe jointing machine
hdpe pipe jointing heater / hdpe pipe jointing heater machine
hdpe jointing machine / hdpe jointing heater

1) Suitable for welding of plastic pipes and fittings made from PE, PP & PVDF.
2) Easy to use
3) Welding position can transform that it is convenient for welding all kinds of pipe fittings.

Competitive Advantage:
1. High power milling cutter, mirror cutter disk, strong motor, high concentricity, smooth milling.
2. High-power Bosch drill is adopted for milling motor, which is strong and strong without slipping
3. The milling cutter is equipped with a limited position switch, which can be rotated only when placed in the frame to prevent accidental injury.

Welding Range20-200mm20-315mm20-500mm
Input Voltage190V-240V
Output power3KW3KW4KW
Output Voltage10V-48V
Control typeconstant current/Constant Volt
Time Adjust Range1-9999seconds
Time Deviation≤1%
Relative Humidity≤80%

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