calibration platform

calibration platform

    Quick Detail: 1. Avoid the bubble on the board skin. 2. Good formed finished products.

    It is used to cool and calibrate the profile after molding, to get the qualified products, we use whirlpool water cooling. This includes followings:
    The melt material form extruder, pass through mould to form profile embryo, and then pass through vacuum calibrator and whirlpool water-cooling, finally get qualified profile.

    Vacuum calibration tank is used after extruder and mould forming for plastic cooling and calibration. This auxiliary machine is suitable for processing various kinds of profiles.

    Length of tank=4000mm
    Max width of groove: 180mm
    Vacuum pump: 5.5kw*2
    Water pump: 3KW*2
    Forward and backward mobile power: 0.75kw

    Competitive Advantage:
    The water groove is welded by stainless steel skirt board which is used to bear load from guide and mould, and lead the overflowed water into water tank, the frame is welded by varieties of rectangle steel pipe, square steel pipe, hem board etc to be used to install water tank, vacuum pump, water pump. Water groove etc and bear the load. Forward and backward mobile structure was fixed on frame, which makes stably moving of machine controlled by worm wheel reducer. The water tank is fixed at the bottom of frame, while the level is up to the limitation, it will be overflowed automatically. Water tank is used to collect the overflowed water and supply water to vacuum pump.

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