Quick Detail:
    1.Easy to operate, can cut profiles and pipes.
    2.It can balance weight in cutting, and make it more stable.

    1.This plastic cutting/cutter machine is used in the process of plastic pipes and profiles production line together with plastic extruder.
    2. It is auxiliary equipments of plate or pipe production line.
    3. It can be used to cut all kinds of plastic products such as plastic UPVC, pipe, profile etc.

    BQX plastic synchronous cutter is matching with extruder, which is used for making plastic pipe, profile etc. It has manual cutting and auto cutting two types. While manual cutting, you can choose the length assist with demand, while auto cutting, you can choose the cutting length, by rotary encoder or distance switch to set the length ahead of cutting. It is of widely application, reliable use.

    1)Saw blade dia: φ400mm
    2)Cutting speed: 2800rpm
    3)Power: 3KW
    4)Longitudinal moving distance for saw frame: 480mm
    5) Dimension: 1550*1060*1450mm

    Competitive Advantage:
    1. It can protect movements of motors, electrical applicances.
    2. It can balance weight in cutting, and make it more stable.
    3. The cutting face is beautiful.

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