Quick Detail:
    1) high production efficiency;
    2) reasonable structure compact;
    3) convenient operation and maintenance
    4) long use life etc.

    Conical twin screw extruders keep a high output, the raw material is well plasticizing. Gravity and screw dosing feeding system with stainless steel hopper. Use vacuum dehumidifying system, with over current protective of motor and over pressure protective of screw.
    Pressure melt sensor and thermocouple,connection method with die: flange + bolt

    Mainly used in the production of wood-plastic products. The wood-plastic (PVC powder)foamed board has the advantages of both wood and plastic. It not only has the excellent appearance of the natural wood, but also overcomes the disadvantages of the natural wood. With the advantages of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-moth-eaten, dimensional-steady, no cracking, etc, it is much harder than the pure plastic products and has the similar process-ability as the wood. It can be cut, paint, bonded and fixed with nails or bolts. As the wood-plastic board material has the advantages of low price and excellent performance, its application field is getting larger and larger and it now can take place more and more traditional materials. The wood-plastic foamed board is mainly used in wall panel, decorating plate, construction formwork, kitchen cabinet, cloth cabinet, bath room cabinet, fence, stair handrail, etc.

    Competitive Advantage:
    1. Over current protective of motor
    2. Over pressure protective of screw
    3. Pressure melt sensor and thermocouple
    4. Gravity and screw dosing feeding system
    5. Connection method with die: flange + bolt

    Extruder modelSJZ51/105SJZ55/110SJZ65/132SJZ80/156SJZ92/188
    Motor power (kw)18.5223755110
    Output (kg/h)100100150-200250-300450
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