Quick Detail:
    1. Double caterpillar type traction mode
    2. Various speed controlled by inverter

    It consists of frame, drawing parts, transmission system and supporting parts. The frame is made by welded rectangle steel pipe. And the drawing system is composed of frame, reducer, caterpillar, track, chainwheel, transmission shaft, expanding shaft, and expanding bolts’ regulator etc. While profile entering into multi-caterpillar haul-off, up belt will be tightened by air cylinder and linking shank, then draw the profile synchronously. The cutter is composed of cutting motor, saw blade, air cylinder of entering blade, retreating air cylinder for tightening profile etc, which adopts inverter speed adjusting, big range of speed regulating, synchronous moving for haul-off and cutter, action of which is stable and correct, keep length of products after cutting be consistent.

    It adopts double caterpillar type traction mode, which realizes stepless speed controlling. It matches with extruder, in the application of plastic profile, board’s production, and it’s of widely application, and convenient in use

    1)Power of traction motor (KW): 1.5Kw×2;
    2)Effective drawing length(mm): 2200
    3)Max drawing width(mm): 300;
    4)Drawing speed(m/min): 0.5-6m/min;
    5)Centre height of haul-off(mm):1000;
    6)Qty of caterpillar: 2

    Competitive Advantage:
    1.double caterpillar drawing
    stepless speed
    3.low in noise
    4.good quality

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