PET washing recycling line

PET washing recycling line

    Quick Detail:
    Surface moisture: max. 1%.
    PVC content: max. 500 ppm.
    Glue content: max. 4.000 ppm.

    It is mainly used for removal of label,bottle cap,sediment,oil,liquid residue and other dirties.

    This recycling line is composed of garbage separation (automatic & manual), bottle & flake crushing, cold & hot washing & cleaning, flake dewatering & drying, dust & label removal, packing, etc.
    The line is composed of bale breaker ,trommel separator,crusher,floating washer ,hot washer,high speed friction washer ,dewatering machine,dryer,label separator etc.
    Raw material :packaged PET bottles ,PET bottles ,PET flakes.

    Final product:
    - Surface moisture: max. 2%
    - PVC content: max. 500 ppm(According to your worker sorting)
    - Glue content: max. 4.000 ppm (Flakes included)
    - Label content: max. 500 ppm(According to your worker sorting)
    - HDPE / PP content: max. 500 ppm
    - PET dust: max. 0.1 %
    - Metal content: max. 50 ppm

    Competitive Advantage:
    1. High automation level, try best to reduce your cost on labor and ensure high processing capacity.
    2. Friendly control system (PLC integrated & separated control on each machine) and Touch screen panel, easy for operation, monitor and emergency stop.
    3. All parts contacting with plastic material and water are made of high-quality 304 or 316 stainless steel; Ensure no second pollution to flakes.
    4. Ideal impurity removal effect.
    5.Siemens contactor,RKC temperature controller

    Polestar Machinery a professional factory for manufacturing series waste plastic recycling equipment (PET bottle recycling; PE/PP film,bags recycling, HDPE bottle /PP barrel recycling, and PP PE film pelletizing ,PP PE flakes pelletizing ,PP/PE/PVC corrugated pipe extruder etc).
    If you want more details of our PET bottle washing machine/waste plastic recycling machine/ plastic pelletizing line, please do not hesitate to let me know!.Welcome to our factory!

    Bale breaker11
    Belt conveyor11
    Trommel separator1
    Belt conveyor1
    Label remover11
    Manual sorting table11
    Belt conveyor1112
    Wet Crusher1112
    Screw feeder1111
    Hot washer111
    Screw feeder111
    Hot washer11
    Screw feeder11
    High speedfriction washer1111
    Floating washer2223
    Dewatering machine1111
    Pipeline dryer11
    Label separator1
    Storage hopper1111
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