Under water granulation line

Under water granulation line

    Quick Detail:
    PLC control: Simens PLC (Optional)
    Extruder model:parallel twin screw extruder
    Temperature controller:Omron
    Electrical parts:Schneider
    Water:circulating water under 15 centigrade,30 Cubic meters / hour
    compressed air:0.4-0.8Mp
    Dimension:24*2.2*2.8 m

    Under water pelletizing line is applied in PET+PE, PE, PP waste flakes granulation field.Through extrusion, cutting and dry process, the waste bottle will become to be pellets.The pellets are widely used in plastic industry, like sheet, and profile production.
    From feeding system to final products, we can design and work out a complete system to satisfy all of your production requirements.We will provide you with a pelletizing system in good quality and price as per your requirements.

    This granulation line is composed of Feeding system(Screw metering feeder and Side feeding system ) , twin screw extruder ,Water cooling system, Electronical control system and under water pelletizing system. Raw material :PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, TPV, EVA, ABS, PA and PS, etc

    Competitive Advantage:
    1.superhard alloy die head (made by our company ,guarantee serviceability two years,hardness can reach HRC88-90,superior to BKG company)
    2.wearproof special alloy blade(made by our company,lift time at least one year,hardness reach HRC70-75,superior to BKG company)
    3.special die head temperature control device (made by our company,non-contact induction heating, heat up fast ,superior to BKG company and other domestic manufacturers’ electric heating rod heating)
    4.pneumatic control,automatically adjustable eager knife system(The original patent products of our company,superior to other domestic manufacturers’ spring manual pressure regulating system)
    5.One-click boot(easy operation)

    Polestar Machinery a professional factory for manufacturing series waste plastic recycling equipment (PET bottle recycling; PE/PP film,bags recycling, HDPE bottle /PP barrel recycling, and PP PE film pelletizing ,PP PE flakes pelletizing ,PP/PE/PVC corrugated pipe extruder etc). If you want more details of our PET bottle washing machine/waste plastic recycling machine/ plastic pelletizing line, please do not hesitate to let me know!.Welcome to our factory!

    Screw diameter(mm )28.533.248.1637292
    ROtary speed(rpm)400400/600500/600400/500400/500400/500
    Main motor power(kw)1111/1537/4555/7590/110220/250
    Capacity(kg/hr)5-3010-8020-150100-300300-600 700-1000
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