PVC profile extrusion machine

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plastic pvc profile extrusion line
pvc profile extruder
pvc window profile production line

The PVC profile extrusion line is used to produce all kinds of PVC profile such as window & door profile, PVC wire trunking, PVC water trough, PVC ceiling panel and so on.

According to different cross section, die dead and customer's requirements, the twin parallel/conical screw extruder of different specification will be chosen together with matching vacuum calibrating table, haul-off unit, cutting unit, stacker, etc. Special designed vacuum tank, haul off and cutter with saw dust collecting system guarantee fine product and stable production.
The whole system is automatically controlled by PLC for easy operation. Also each equipment in this line can be separately controlled. It achieves low energy consumption, high output, and performance.

1. Specified screw design for profile gets better plasticizing and more stable extrusion;
2. High-speed cooling forming die supports the production line with faster linear speed and higher efficiency;
3. Upper and lower belt is driven by the separate motor, which ensures stability and reliability of hauling;
4. Calibration table is adjustable by fore-back, left-right, up-down which brings simplified and convenient operation;
5. Saw cutting unit brings speedy and stable cutting with smooth incision; as to wide width board;
6. We also offer hauling and cutting combined unit which is a more compact and economical design.

ModelMax. width (mm)ExtruderMax. capacity (kg/h)Main motor (kW)
YF-400400SJZ65/132 or SJZ80/156175-250/250-35037/55
YF-600600SJZ65/132 or SJZ80/156175-250/250-35037/55
YF-12001200SJZ80/156 or SJZ92/188300-350/600-70075/110

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