10-claw Haul-off Machine


The 10 claws PE pipe haul-off machine is designed to assist in the extrusion process of PE (polyethylene) pipes. It primarily functions to pull the extruded PE pipe at a constant speed to facilitate proper cooling and stretching of the pipe. This process is essential for maintaining the dimensional accuracy, surface quality, and strength of the PE pipe. The 10 claws design allows for a secure grip on the pipe, enabling precise control of the pulling force and speed. This helps ensure the production of high-quality PE pipes that meet industry standards and customer requirements.
The upper six caterpillar tracks is pneumatically compressed and equipped with a mechanical limit device to avoid flattening of the pipe. The lower four caterpillar tracks has an electrically adjustable telescopic range.

Technical Parameter

  • 10Claws Haul-off Machine
  • Pipe range: 630-1000 MM
  • Motor power: 0.9 KW*10
  • Caterpillar type traction belt: 10PCS
  • Traction speed: 015~0.8M/Min.
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