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Plastic Pipe Extruder

Plastic pipe extruder is a machine used to melt, blend and shape plastic raw materials into pipes and profiles of various sizes and specifications with consistent size and performance.

We Provide

Plastic Pipe Vacuum Tank

The vacuum tank, also known as a sizing or shaping tank, helps to maintain the shape and dimensions of the pipes as they pass through the cooling process, ensuring that the pipes or profiles meet the specified standards and requirements.

We Provide

Plastic Pipe Haul-off Machine

The haul-off machine, also known as a puller or caterpillar, is a device used to pull the extruded pipes or profiles through the production line at a consistent speed and tension, preventing deformation and maintaining dimensional accuracy.

We Provide

PE Pipe Chip-free Cutting Machine

The cutting machine, typically synchronized with the extrusion speed, is used to precisely cut the extruded pipes or profiles into individual sections of the desired length.

We Provide

Plastic Pipe Coiler and Uncoiler

The pipe winding machine is used to wind the plastic pipes or profiles onto coils in an organized and controlled manner for storage, transportation, or further processing.


Plastic Sheet Butt Welding Machine

HDPE Pipe Plastic Shredder

PVC Pipe Crusher

PVC hot/cold Mixer Unit

PC-type Plastic Waste Crusher

Plastic Pulverizer Machine

Learn more about POLESTAR

Zhangjiagang polestar Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, which lies in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Development Zone with location advantages of complete infrastructure, leading industrial development, convenient transportation, etc. It‘s about 130 kilometers from Shanghai, 82 kilometers from Suzhou, and 190 kilometers from Nanking. Established in 2009, we specialize in providing integrated solutions related to plastic industry for customers all over the world, including plastic extrusion line for variety plastic material ,many types of environmental recycling and granulating line and related parts, auxiliary machines, as well as technical consultation and services including product tracking, optimization, employee training, etc. With characteristics of structure optimization, excellent quality, high automation, energy saving and environmental of customized products, we have obtained proud reputation from high-end customers which pursuit of quality, high efficiency and ecological development. 


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