HDPE Pipe Plastic Shredder

A High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe single shaft shredder is a specialized machine designed to efficiently shred and reduce the size of HDPE pipes and related materials. A plastic shredder is a powerful machine designed to efficiently and effectively break down waste HDPE Pipe into smaller pieces or particles. Its primary function is to reduce the size of plastic materials, making them more manageable for further processing, recycling, or disposal.


  • HDPE pipe single shaft shredder typically consists of a large rotating shaft equipped with multiple blades or cutting elements, a heavy-duty gearbox, a powerful motor, a feeding system, and a discharge outlet.
  • The rotating shaft, often fitted with robust and sharp blades, is responsible for shredding and cutting the HDPE pipes and other plastic materials into smaller pieces.
  • The motor provides the necessary power to drive the shaft and blades, while the gearbox ensures the appropriate speed and torque for efficient shredding.
  • Some shredders may feature additional components, such as a hydraulic system for controlling the feeding of materials, a screen or grate to regulate the size of the shredded output, and safety features to prevent overloading or jamming.

Technical Parameter

  • Shredder type: BQX-3063
  • Rotary blade diameter: 255MM
  • The number of rotating knife: 30 pieces
  • Texture of material:SKD11
  • The rotary knife shaft speed: 90 RPM
  • The number of fixed knife: 1piece
  • Texture of material:SKD11
  • Hydraulic station power: 0KW
  • Main motor power: 37 KW
  • Cylinder specifications: 100MM×850 MM
  • Feed inlet diameter: 700MM×900 MM
  • Capacity: 500KG/
  • The main machine weight: 4000KG
  • Dimension (MM): 3300L×2000W×2450H


  • Shredding HDPE Pipes: The primary function of a HDPE pipe single shaft shredder is to effectively shred and reduce the size of HDPE pipes and related materials. The machine is capable of breaking down large and bulky HDPE pipes into smaller, more manageable pieces for further processing and recycling.
  • Size Reduction: By utilizing the rotating shaft and sharp cutting blades, the shredder applies shearing and cutting forces to reduce the size of the HDPE pipes, turning them into smaller fragments or granules. This size reduction process facilitates downstream handling and processing of the shredded material.
  • Volume Reduction: In addition to reducing the size of the HDPE pipes, the shredder also helps in reducing the overall volume of the material. This is particularly beneficial for storage, transportation, and recycling purposes, as the shredded HDPE pipes take up less space compared to the original large pipes.
  • Materials Handling: HDPE pipe shredders assist in handling and processing plastic waste, enabling the transformation of used or discarded HDPE pipes into recyclable material. The shredded HDPE can be further processed into granules or pellets for use in various applications, such as extrusion, injection molding, or blending with virgin material for new product manufacturing.


  • HDPE pipe single shaft shredders are widely used in the recycling and waste management industry, particularly in facilities focused on processing plastic materials, including HDPE pipes and plastic scrap.
  • These shredders are employed in recycling plants, plastic processing facilities, and waste management centers to prepare HDPE pipes for recycling and reprocessing, thereby contributing to the circular economy and sustainable management of plastic waste.
  • The shredded HDPE material can be further processed to produce recycled plastic products, such as pipes, profiles, sheets, and other plastic components, or used as raw material in the manufacturing of new plastic products.
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