PC-type Plastic Waste Crusher

A plastic waste crusher, designed for processing PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) materials, is a machine that efficiently breaks down and reduces the size of plastic waste for recycling or reuse. Its primary function is to process plastic waste, transforming it into smaller particles or flakes suitable for further processing, recycling, or resource recovery.


  • A typical plastic waste crusher comprises a heavy-duty motor, a crushing chamber equipped with sharp rotating blades or crushing elements, a feed hopper, and a control panel.
  • The crushing chamber is designed to accommodate various forms of plastic waste, such as PE, PP, and PVC, and effectively break them down into smaller particles.
  • The control panel allows operators to adjust settings such as speed, feed rate, and crushing chamber configuration to achieve the desired output particle size and processing efficiency.

Technical Parameter

  • Model: PC800
  • Dimension of crusher chamber: 800*470 MM
  • Motor power: 30KW
  • Crushing ability:400-500 KG/
  • of rotary blades: 24pieces
  • of stationary blades: 2pieces
  • Diameterof screen sieve: 12 MM (can be adjusted)
  • Dimension:1400(L)*1500(W)*1800(H) MM
  • Total Weight: 1250 KG


  • Feeding: Plastic waste materials, including PE, PP, and PVC scraps or products, are fed into the machine’s feed hopper, either manually or through automated feeding systems.
  • Crushing and Grinding: The motor powers the rotating blades or crushing elements within the chamber, effectively grinding and crushing the plastic waste into smaller pieces or particles.
  • Size Reduction: The plastic waste crusher reduces the size of the plastic material, breaking it down into manageable particles or flakes suitable for further processing, recycling, or resource recovery.
  • Discharge: The processed plastic particles or flakes are discharged from the machine for collection, reuse, or further processing, such as melting, extrusion, or molding into new plastic products.


  • Plastic waste crushers are used in recycling facilities, waste management operations, and plastic manufacturing plants to process and recycle PE, PP, and PVC waste materials.
  • The processed plastic particles or flakes can be used as raw material for manufacturing new plastic products, such as containers, packaging materials, and construction materials.
  • Recycling plastic waste through crushing and processing helps reduce environmental impact, conserves resources, and promotes the circular economy by turning waste plastics into valuable raw materials for new products.
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