16-1600Mm HDPE Water/Gas/Mmp Electric Pipe Production Line

This plastic pipe production line can be widely used in the production of water supply pipe, gas supply pipe, electrical consuit pipe, construction drainage and sewage pipe, etc. The main part components are single screw extruder, mold die, vacuum calibration tank, water cooling tank, haul-off machine, cutting device and stacker or pipe winder,etc.
  • HDPE pipes are widely used in water, gas, and electrical systems due to their numerous benefits. HDPE pipes are made from high-density polyethylene, a thermoplastic polymer known for its toughness, flexibility, and resistance to corrosion and chemical degradation. They are available in different diameters to cater to various water supply needs.
  • Modified Polypropylene (MPP) power cable protection pipe is a new type of plastic pipeline manufactured using modified polypropylene as the main raw material and special formula and processing technology. It has a series of advantages such as high strength, high temperature resistance, easy construction, and cost saving.
Features and Advantages
  • The optimum spiral structure feeding throat highly improves the output of extruder.
  • Accurate temperature control system ensures materials melting performance.
  • Unique screw design achieves better plasticizing and high-quality products.
  • Precisely designed gearbox with high torsion guarantees stable running.
  • “H” shape frame to decrease vibrating of extruder.
  • Advanced PLC operation system realizes synchronization and automation.
  • Adopt automatic water temperature & level control and special independent filters on both vacuum and cooling tanks.
  • Offer stable haul-off unit with 2-12 caterpillars hauling belts.
  • Provide saw & chip-free & planetary cutting options.
  • Low energy consupmtion, excellent performance and easy maintenance.
Production Line Flow Chart
Raw material+additive → mixing → vacuum feeding machine → hopper dryer → single screw extruder → extrusion mold → calibrators → vacuum calibration tank → water cooling tank → haul-off machine → cutting machine → stacker or pipe winder
Main Technical Parameter
ModelPipe Range (mm)Extruder ModelMax Hauling Speed (m/min)Main Motor Power (KW)Max. Extrusion Output (kg/hour)
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