20~63MM Double Station HDPE Pipe Winder


The opposite double station plastic pipe winding machine is designed to wind plastic pipes onto reels in a controlled manner. This machine is typically used in the manufacturing or processing of plastic pipes to facilitate storage, transportation, and distribution.

Its primary functions include:
Controlled Winding: The machine ensures that the plastic pipe is wound evenly and uniformly onto the spool or reel, preventing tangles, twists, or irregular winding patterns.
Tension Control: It provides adjustable tension control to maintain the appropriate level of tension on the plastic pipe during the winding process, preventing stretching or deformation of the pipe.
Efficient Spooling: The machine facilitates the efficient transfer of the plastic pipe onto spools or reels, enabling easy handling and transportation.
Automated Operation: In some cases, the machine may offer automated or semi-automated winding capabilities, reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing efficiency.

Overall, the double opposite station plastic pipe winding machine plays a crucial role in ensuring the proper spooling and winding of plastic pipes, contributing to the quality and usability of the final product.

Technical Parameter

  • Pipe range: Φ20~63 MM
  • Inner diameter: 200~1600MM (adjusted by manual)
  • Outer diameter: 2100 MM
  • Roll up width: 400~560MM
  • Pipe winding speed: 1~20 M/Min.
  • Main motor power: 1.5 KW*2
  • Pipe windingmethod: Servo Motor 0.9 KW
  • Air pressure: 3-0.6Mpa
  • Speed regulation method: PLC+HMI “DELTA”Inverter
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