3-claw Haul-off Machine


The 2 claws PE pipe haul-off machine is a type of equipment used in the extrusion process of PE (polyethylene) pipes. Its main function is to pull the extruded PE pipe from the extrusion line at a controlled speed to ensure proper cooling and stretching of the pipe. This helps to maintain the dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and mechanical properties of the PE pipe. The haul-off machine typically has two sets of claws that grip the pipe and provide the pulling force, while the speed and tension can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the PE pipe being produced.

Technical Parameter

  • 2-claw Haul-off Machine
  • Pipe range: 20-110 MM
  • Motor power: 0.9 KW*2
  • Caterpillar type traction belt: 2 PCS
  • Traction speed: 0.5~25 M/Min.
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