75-250MM Plastic Pipe Vacuum Tank


The plastic pipe vacuum calibration tank is a critical component in the production of plastic pipes, particularly those made from materials like PVC, HDPE, or PPR. Its primary function is to cool and size the newly extruded plastic pipes while ensuring dimensional accuracy and minimizing internal stresses.
During the extrusion process, the plastic pipes emerge at high temperatures and need to be rapidly cooled and shaped to meet the required specifications. The vacuum calibration tank is designed to achieve this by using a combination of vacuum pressure and water cooling.
The key functions of the plastic pipe vacuum calibration tank include: Sizing: The tank helps to shape and size the plastic pipes to meet precise diameter requirements. This is achieved through the use of specially designed tooling and cooling techniques, ensuring that the pipes adhere to the desired dimensions.
Cooling: By utilizing water cooling, the tank rapidly reduces the temperature of the extruded pipes, solidifying their shape and structure while preventing deformations or warping.
Vacuum Calibration: The tank uses a vacuum system to control the shaping of the pipes, ensuring uniform wall thickness and consistent dimensions along the entire length of the pipe.

Technical Parameter

  • Model: ZDT-250-8M-2K
  • Pipe range: 75~250MM
  • Tank length: 5800 MM
  • Tank material: 6MM thickness stainless steel
  • Vacuum pump power: 0KW*2
  • Vacuum pressure: 0.03~0.08 Mpa
  • Water pump power: 0KW*2
  • Move motor power: 75KW
  • Move back and forward range: ± 800 MM
  • Move up and down range: ± 60 MM
  • Move right and left range: ± 40 MM
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