8-claw Haul-off Machine with Pipe Guilding Device


At the beginning of the pipe extrusion production, we all know that a PE guide pipe is required to guide the newly extruded pipe pass through the vacuum sizing tank, cooling tank, and haul-off machine. The plastic pipe guide device, installed on the top of a haul-off machine can replace this guide pipe, providing an alternative solution for guiding the pipe through the production process.

The 8 claws PE pipe haul-off machine serves the function of accurately and effectively pulling PE (polyethylene) pipes during the manufacturing process. This machine is designed with eight strong and reliable claws to securely grip the pipes, ensuring a consistent speed and tension to maintain the quality and integrity of the pipes. By controlling the speed and direction of the pipes, the haul-off machine contributes to the precise and efficient extrusion of PE pipes, ultimately enhancing the productivity and quality of the production process.

The upper five caterpillar tracks is pneumatically compressed and equipped with a mechanical limit device to avoid flattening of the pipe. The lower three caterpillar track has an electrically adjustable telescopic range.

Technical Parameter

  • 8Claws Haul-off Machine
  • Pipe range: 315-800 MM
  • Motor power: 0.9 KW*8
  • Caterpillar type traction belt: 8 PCS
  • Traction speed: 015~0.9M/Min.
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