[Machine introduction]
The complete set of waste film crushing washing recycling line refers to crushing, washing, impurity removal, drying, and bagging. The waste film crushing washing recycing line mainly crushes and cleans various types of film and agricultural film and others that contains impurities. Waste agricultural film recycling machine is environmental protection machinery, commonly used are waste agricultural film crushing washing recycling line, waste plastic film crushing washing recycling line, etc.

[Machine Configuration]
The waste film crushing washing line consists shredder, crusher, float washer tank, screw loader, friction washer, dryer, separator, spin dryer, bagging system, control electric box and other equipment components

[Machine principle]
The waste plastic film and agricultural film are evenly fed into shredder with water by belt conveyor transportation. At the same time, they are pre-washed, transported and cleaned to get away sand and small stones, and then enter the crusher to be crushed and cleaned with water, then to float washer then to horizontal friction machine to remove sediment and impurities, cleaning materials, removing mud materials for dehydration, hot air drying system for further drying: bagging system, electric control box.

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