crusher blade sharpener machine

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straight blade sharpener
crusher knife sharpening machine
knives sharpener for crusher blade
plastic crusher knife sharpener
plastic crusher blade sharpener
crusher blade sharpener
plastic crusher blade sharpening machine
knife sharpening machine for crusher blade

Crusher blade sharpener machine is designed for the plastic crusher blades, it can increase the working efficiency, it can also be used for the other straight edge blades.
This machine is composed by the airframe, working table, straight orbit, reducer, motor and electric parts.
Crusher blade sharpener machine is designed according to plastic crusher bits easy to loss which is specially used in grinding the crusher bits. It has compact structure, comfortable outlook, high efficiency, easy control,  is suitable for grinding and processing each kind of straight edge cutting tool. It is composed of machine frame, operating platform, slide carriage, reduction motor, grinding head, electrical equipment.

ModelWorking range(mm)Moving motorWheel sizeWorking angle
DQ-20700-70090YSJ-4 GS60125*95*32*120-90
DQ-201000-100090YSJ-4 GS60125*95*32*120-90
DQ-201200-120090YSJ-4 GS60150*110*47*140-90
DQ-201500-150090YSJ-4 GS60150*110*47*140-90

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