The four-strand PVC conduit pipe extrusion line is a specialized manufacturing system designed to produce PVC (polyvinyl chloride) conduit pipes in a high-volume, efficient manner. This production line is capable of simultaneously producing four conduit pipes, allowing for increased output and productivity.

The four-strand PVC conduit pipe extrusion line typically consists of multiple extruders, dies, vacuum calibration tanks, haul-off machines, cutting units, and stackers, all arranged in a configuration that enables the simultaneous extrusion of four conduit pipes. The line is designed to handle the extrusion, shaping, cooling, and cutting of the pipes in a synchronized and efficient manner.

The primary function of the four-strand PVC conduit pipe extrusion line is to melt, shape, and form the PVC material into conduit pipes with consistent dimensions and properties. The line is equipped with multiple extruders and dies to facilitate the simultaneous extrusion of four pipes, ensuring high production capacity and efficiency.

The extrusion process involves the precise control of temperature, pressure, and material flow to ensure uniformity and quality in the produced pipes. The vacuum calibration tanks and haul-off machines are designed to maintain the shape and dimensions of the pipes as they are being extruded, while the cutting units and stackers ensure the accurate cutting and stacking of the finished pipes.

Technical Parameter

ModelPipe Range (MM)Extruder ModelTotal Power (KW)Max. Capacity (KG/Hr.)

Production Line Details


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