Hydraulic changer

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Quick Detail:
Hydraulic changer
Screen changer
1.High speed
2.Non-stop machine to change screen
3.Automatic screen changing by hydraulic
4.80%-90% down of waste material caused by screen changing

The New fast changing or as is called, the plate screen changer is widely used for the production of various plastics and chemical fibers. It is of high performance/price ratio, and ensures the screen changing without machine halt, or any material leakage under high pressure. Therefore, it is especially applicable to large scale machines of film blowing, pipe making, plate making and granulating, etc.
Our screen changer advantages:
1. Large capacity, large filtering area: Capacity can be reached 20-11300 kg/h, Filtering area: 30-10000 cm2.
2.Continuous process: no material leakage, no need to stop the machine when changing the screen, no production disruption or interference
3. High pressure and temperature resistant: max operation pressure can be 600 bar, temperature : 330°C.
4. Automatic without manual work: fully automatic belt filter without manual work; back flush function: screen washing online to replace manual work.
5. Good wear-resistance: high-quality, high-performance alloy material after precise finishing and particular hardening.
6. Easy maintenance: easy to install and maintain, reliable and economical.
7. Wide range of choices: we provide different dimensions of product which can meet various needs.

TypeScreen—Dm(mm)Heating Power(kw)Pressure(Mpa)Output(Kg/h)

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