hydraulic cutter machine

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hydraulic cutter machine
hydraulic plastic cutter
hydraulic Guillotine Machine
guillotine plastic cutter
It is used to shearing off the plastic bale,plastic pallets,rubber and other different material.
1. Low noise
2. Easy to use
3. Durable in use for long time
4. Powerful Pressure withe Hydraulic Oil cylinder
1.This hydraulic cutter machine is mainly used to cut plastic films, papers, plastic rolls, natural rubber and so on.
2. This hydraulic cutter machine mainly consists of rubber knife, frame, cylinder, base, auxiliary table, hydraulic system, and electric system.
3. When cut material, we put material under the rubber knife, then press the start button, the knife can cut the rubber.
4. Limit switches are installed on the frame to control the reversal valve to change the movement direction of the rubber knife,at the same time it protects the cover of the cylinder.

Hydraulic motor:18.5kw
Hydraulic pump:LIjia brand
Blades material:9CrSi
Cylinder up and down strock:1500mm
Double cylinder pressure:80ton
Cutting speed:



Cutting time:1-2min
Machine framemade strong Channel steel and reinforced

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