PE irrigation pipe extrusion line is a comprehensive system of machinery and equipment used to manufacture irrigation pipes, typically made from materials such as PVC, PE (polyethylene), or other suitable polymers. The production line consists of various components, including extruders, molds, cooling tanks, haul-off machines, cutting machines, and other auxiliary equipment. These components work together to produce high-quality irrigation pipes of different sizes and specifications.

The primary function of an irrigation pipe production line is to efficiently and consistently manufacture irrigation pipes that meet the specific requirements of agricultural and landscaping irrigation systems. The production line is capable of extruding, shaping, cooling, and cutting the pipes to the desired lengths, diameters, and wall thicknesses. Additionally, the production line may incorporate features for adding color stripes, printing markings, or embossing information onto the pipes.

The irrigation pipe production line plays a crucial role in meeting the demand for durable, reliable, and cost-effective pipes used in irrigation applications. By producing pipes with precise dimensions, smooth surfaces, and uniform properties, the production line contributes to the efficient and effective distribution of water for agricultural and landscaping purposes. Furthermore, the production line may be designed to operate continuously, ensuring a steady supply of irrigation pipes to meet market demands.

Technical Parameter

ModelPipe Range (MM)Extruder ModelMax. Hauling Speed (M/Min.)Main Motor Power (KW)Max. Capacity (KG/Hr.)

Production Line Details


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