PE LDPE LLDPE PP(disc type) pulverizer

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plastic milling machine
plastic pulverizer
plastic pulverizer machine
pulverizer machine
pulverizer machine for plastic
lldpe plastic pulverizer

1.Low power consumption, high capacity
2.Simple structure and easy installation.
3.Host with the wind ,water circulation cooling system.
4.This Plastic pulverizer can deal with PE, LLDPE, LDPE, ABS, EVA etc.
5.Convenient and easy to adjust the grinding disc blades
6.With water cycle and wind cooling, the machine can be applied into processing heat sensitive material evenly and quickly.
7.Both the board and the cutting blade are made of abrasion-resistant steel, with good performance after heat treatment.
8.The machine is completely air proof and without any dust leakage
9.The vibration screen mesh is adjustable (10-100 mesh).

Diameter of milling chamber(mm)350500600800
Motor power(kw)22-3037-455575
CoolingWater cooling + natural cooling
Air Blower power(kw)345.57.5
Fineness of LDPE power30 to 100mm adjustable
Output of pulverizer(kg/h)100-120150-200250-300400
Dimension (mm)1800×1600×38001900×1700×39001900×1500×30002300×1900×4100
Weight (kg)1300160015003200

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