PPR pipe extruder

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This machine used in extrudering PPR,polyolefin and other thermoplastics.
It can processes all kinds of plastic products with auxiliary machine concerned.
Such as film,pipe,bar,plate,thread,ribbon,insulating layer of cable,hollow products and so on.It is also used in graining.
The machine design is advanced .Its production capacity is high.Its plasticization is good ,and its energy consumption is low. It adopt hard tooth face of gear for transmission , it has advantage of low noise,smooth operation ,large loading,long use-life and so on.

It is mainly used to make pipe,sheet,bar and other plastic products from the PE material equipped with different type of machine and downstream.
For SJ serial screw extruder,the screw diameter is from 20 to 200mm,and the screw L/D is 10-40.You can choose the type of the extruder according to your products,specification and capacity.
The feeding system uses YASKAWA .and main bearing adopts Japan NSK original imported parts,the extruder is good value for money.we also promise excellent after-sales service.

Pipe diameter(mm)16-6320-11075-16090-250
Motor power(KW)AC30DC75DC110DC110
Max line speed(m/min)10666

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