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This vacuum calibrating bench barrels being made of stainless steel.Is divided into two sections, front and back end is vacuum cooling and spray cooling.Stainless steel ball float water level regulation, the structure is simple and practical.Nozzle materials for ABS engineering plastics.Rack 3 d adjustable, before and after the mobile adopts cycloidal reducer drive, up and down and around adopts screw pair of regulation.Barrel body with wheel mechanism;Which can effectively prevent sagging phenomenon.

The vacuum calibrating tank is a necessary part in pipe production line.
It can help pipes form stable and fast.
The vacuum calibrating tank is of high quality and easy operation.
We have many diffierent types of vacuum calibrating tank for customers to make a proper choice.

Competitive Advantage:
1. PPR raw material for elements only carbon and hydrogen elements, without harmful toxic elements, healthy,not only for hot and cold water pipe, but used in clean drinking water system.
2.Good heating resistance, PPR pipe via soften point of 131.5 degree.the Max working temperture upto 95 degree, the Pipe which used in Water supply and Drainage up to the construction specification required by Clients.
3.Long service life, PPR pipe in working temperature 70 degrees,working pressure1.0 Mpa, can be up to 50 years, at room temperature 20 degree, easy installation, connection
4.Recycling the waste PPR material

Screw Diameter657590
L/D Ratio of Screw33:133:133:1
Pipe range(mm)20-6375-110110-160
Motor Power(kw)4590110
Total Power(kw)8011030
Line Length(m)243032

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