Quick Detail:
    1.PC series crusher
    2.for many kind of small plastic material
    3.good blade structure
    4.easy to crush

    Raw material:
    1. PET bottle, drink bottle label, bottle cap,
    2. PE film, agricultural film, bag, PE pipe, water pipe, drainage pipe,
    3. PP woven bag, PP water drum, PP cup, PP film, sheet, pallet, basket
    4. LDPE/HDPE film, sheet, flake, lump, board

    The machine is specially used to recycle the plastic materials, one machine to break plastic into small pieces and short filaments.
    The machine can crush many kinds of plastic materials, such as weaving bags, agricultural film, hand bags, rubber, sponge ect, which can also remove and clean the dust and impurity in the surface of the material so that you can get the clean plastic materials.
    we can also design and make the machinery on your require. welcome your inquiry and visit.

    The water bottle crusher is used widely in plastic recycling and wishing line, at the same time many plastic extrusion also use it. The crusher has good quality and efficient output.
    It can crush various plastic bottles and then make them used again.
    It is an important auxiliary in plastic production field.

    Competitive Advantage:
    The material of the moving cutting knife stand is T7A high-quality tool steel. its hardness and softness is reasonable. it is not easily broken or worn, it adopts high-strength steel screw(8.8grade)to fix it. The structure is firm and durable.
    The main body is Q235A thickwall, high-quality steel to avoid that the machine is used for a long time and affect its mechanical performance. The axle core of the machine is fished processing once to ensure concentric clrcle and verticality error is not larger than 0. 05mm. Each part has reference hole. Twice rough fish and fine finshing are carried out. The part has strong changeability and high precision.

    Cutting range(mm)315-630450-8000630-1200800-1600100-2000
    Cutting method(mm)Planetary& non-scrapPlanetary Saw blade
    Cutting power(kw)44444
    Surrounding power(kw)442.22.22.2
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