Quick Detail:
    PE PP Film squeezer
    1) capacity: 200-1000kg/h
    2) material: PE PP film
    3) final moisture content: 3-5%
    4) manufacturer

    This machine is specially designed for dewatering film by squeezing mechanically. The final moisture content is around 3-5%. The material dried by this machine is widely used in granulating machine. They are very efficiency machines compared to hot air drying systems when considering energy consumption.
    Model options with 200-1000kg/h capacity are available.

    * Stainless Steel Screen
    The filer screen in the squeezing chamber is made of stainless steel,with the function of corrosion resistance and rustproof
    * No Clogging of Screen
    The filer screen are specially designed to prevent plastic material from clogging
    * Final moisture within 5%
    The final moisture of the material which are extruded by the dryer is 3-5%

    This machine is specially designed for dewatering film by squeezing mechanically.

    Competitive Advantage:
    The machine has less consumption, high working efficiency, and lower noise comparing the rotor type dewatering machine.
    Pls tell us follow information to send quotation:
    1) what raw material to deal?
    2) what capacity require?
    This machine is not only with high capacity but also with low energy consumption. The final moisture content can up to 3-5%. It will help you reduce the cost and improve productivity. If you need more information, pls feel free to contact us!

    Motor power(kw)45-7575-90
    Screw diameter(mm)270300
    Discharging waterFrom the bottomFrom the bottom
    Feeding diameter(mm)5-2005-200
    Discharging diameter(mm)12-20-3012-20-30
    Hydraulic power(kw)7.57.5
    Pelletizing power(kw)2.22.2
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