PVC crusher

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pvc crucher
pvc crusher machine

PVC Crusher is special design for plastic pipe,profile,standard v-type cutting technology,which will help to improve cutting efficiency of recycling and can reduce the dust content in the recycled material.Bearing device mounted outside the machine,can reduce the risk of pollutants into the bearing.BQX series heavy-duty crusher suitable for crushing pipe,profile, profiled bar and sheet.

1.Close to the level of the feed hopper, easy to feed the longer product. 2.Special design of the rotor angle can automatically pull the pipe into the crushing chamber,and it can adjustable feed rate.the machine during working without the risk of blocking.when crushing chamber is full of material it will stop to feed until after the feed chamber emptied then continue to crushing again. 3.Crushing room have two parts, and easy to open. 4.Bearing device mounted outside the machine,design to meet the not easy broken recycled materials,and independent of crushing room to prevent dust into bearing.This extends the life of the machine,and reduce the maintenance work. 5.In order to increase the inertia of the rotor, fixed the auxiliary wheel.

Rotor diameter(mm)Ф600Ф600Ф600Ф600Ф700Ф700
Rotor length(mm)60080010001200700900
Rotory blades(pcs)3*2 or 5*23*2 or 5*23*2 or 5*23*2 or 5*25*2 or 7*25*2 or 7*2
Fixed blades(pcs)2*12*22*22*22*22*2
Motor power(kw)45-5545-7555-9075-11055-9075-90
Rotary speed(rpm)560560560560560560
Mesh size(mm)Ф10Ф10Ф10Ф10Ф10Ф10
Feeding mouth size(mm)650*360850*3601050*3601250*360750*360950*430
Appearance size(mm)2350*1550*18002350*1550*18002350*1950*18002350*2150*18002500*1700*19002500*1900*1900
Suction fan motor power(kw)4-7.54-7.55.5-117.5-155.5-117.5-15

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