A PVC drainage pipe extrusion line is a specialized set of machinery and equipment designed for the continuous production of PVC drainage pipes. The extrusion line typically consists of several key components, including a PVC resin mixer, a conical twin-screw extruder, a pipe die head, a vacuum calibration tank, a haul-off machine, a cutting machine, and other auxiliary devices. These components work together to process PVC resin and produce high-quality PVC drainage pipes of various diameters and specifications.

The primary function of a PVC drainage pipe extrusion line is to efficiently and precisely manufacture PVC pipes specifically designed for drainage applications. The process begins with the mixing of PVC resin with additives and stabilizers in the resin mixer. The mixed material is then fed into the conical twin-screw extruder, where it undergoes heating, melting, and shaping to form the PVC pipes. The extruded pipes are then passed through the vacuum calibration tank to ensure dimensional accuracy and uniform cooling. Subsequently, the pipes are pulled by the haul-off machine and cut to the desired lengths by the cutting machine.

The PVC drainage pipe extrusion line plays a critical role in meeting the demand for durable, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight drainage pipes used in various construction and infrastructure projects. By producing pipes with smooth interior surfaces, high impact strength, and excellent chemical resistance, the extrusion line contributes to the efficient and reliable conveyance of wastewater and stormwater in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Additionally, the extrusion line may be equipped with advanced control systems to monitor and adjust the production process, ensuring consistent quality and productivity.

Technical Parameter

ModelPipe Range (MM)Extruder ModelMain Motor Power (KW)Max. Speed (RPM)Max. Output (KG/Hr.)
BQS-40-216~40SJZ51/10518.5 AC10120
BQS-63-220~63SJZ65/13237 AC15250
BQS-6320~63SJZ51/10518.5 AC15120
BQS-16050~160SJZ65/13237 AC8250
BQS-20063~200SJZ65/13237 AC3.5250
BQS-315160~315SJZ80/15655 AC2350
BQS-630315~630SJZ92/188110 DC1.2800
BQS-800560~800SJZ105/216160 DC1.31100

Production Line Details


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