The PVC dual strand pipe production line is also called dual cavity PVC pipe extrusion line, it is a specialized manufacturing system designed for the production of PVC pipes. This production line is capable of producing two pipes simultaneously, making it an efficient solution for high-volume pipe manufacturing.

The main components of a PVC dual strand pipe production line typically include:

Twin-Screw Extruder: The process begins with the twin-screw extruder, which is responsible for melting and mixing the PVC resin with additives and stabilizers to form a homogeneous melt. The extruder also provides the necessary pressure to push the molten material through the die to form the pipe.


Dual Strand Die Head: The dual strand die head is designed to create two pipes simultaneously, allowing for increased production capacity. It shapes the molten material into two separate pipe profiles with consistent dimensions.

Vacuum Sizing Tank: After exiting the die head, the newly formed pipes pass through a vacuum sizing tank, where they are cooled and shaped to achieve the desired dimensions and roundness. The vacuum inside the tank helps to maintain the shape and dimensions of the pipes as they solidify.

Haul-Off Machine: The haul-off machine pulls the pipes through the production line at a controlled speed, ensuring uniformity and dimensional accuracy. It provides the necessary tension to prevent deformation and maintain the shape of the pipes.

Cutting Machine: Once the pipes reach the desired length, a cutting machine is used to precisely cut them into individual sections. The cutting process is typically synchronized with the extrusion speed to ensure consistent pipe lengths.

Stacker: The stacker collects and organizes the cut pipes, preparing them for further processing or packaging. It ensures that the pipes are neatly stacked and ready for the next stage of production.

Technical Parameter

ModelPipe Range (MM)Extruder ModelTotal Power (KW)Max. Capacity (KG/Hr.)

Production Line Details


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