PVC pipe extruder

Machine Characteristics

SJZ series conical twin- screw extruder has advantages such as forced extruding, high quality,wide adaptability ,long working life,low shearing speed,hard decomposition,good compounding & plasticization effect,and direct shaping of powder material and etc. Long processing units ensure stable processes and very reliable production in many different applications. You profit from high output, consistently excellent product quality and an outstanding performance ratio-over the whole performance range.
This extruder is suitable for matching with production line of plastic pipe, plate and profile and etc.
 1.    Available to rigid and soft PVC included C-PVC
2.    Unique screw design to achieve higher plasticizing and products quality
3.    Core self-circulation temperature control for screw. More accurate temperature control system
4.    Gearbox of high torsion balance to realize stable running, low oil temperature available
5.    Automatic and visible circulation system of lubricant on gear box
6.    H shape frame to decrease vibrating
7.    PLC (Simatic Multi Panel) operation panel to ensure synchronization.
8.    Energy conservation, easy to maintenance

Technical Data 

Model ParameterSJZ51SJZ65SJZ80SJZ92SJZ105
Screw DIA(mm)51/10565/13280/15692/188105/216
Qty of screw22222
Screw directionOpposite and outer
Screw speed(rpm)1-321-34.71-36.91-32.91-32
Screw length(mm)10701440180025003330
StructureConical mesh
Main motor power(kw)18.53755110185
Total power(kw)406790140255
Output(max: kg/h)1202503608001450
Qty of barrel heating zone44456
FeederScrew dosing
Center height of machine(mm)10001000100011001300
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