The recycling method refers remelting waste plastics into low-value recycled plastics. According to the nature of raw materials, recycling of waste plastics can be divided into two categories: simple recycling and composite recycling. Simple recycling is the recycling of a single type of waste plastic directly or after simple processing. The characteristics of waste plastics recovered by simple recycling are relatively clean and simple, with good properties recovered with relatively simple processes, and their performance is similar to that of new materials, and can be used as new materials to a large extent. Composite recycling uses mixed waste as raw materials and participates in the utilization of other ingredients, almost all thermoplastic waste plastics, even a small amount of thermosetting waste plastics can be recycled and reused. Generally speaking, composite recycled plastics are unstable and brittle, so they are often used to prepare lower-grade products, such as building materials, fillers, garbage bags, microporous sandals, raincoats, and packaging products.

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