SJ65/33 Single Screw Extruder


The single screw extruder plays a crucial role in the process of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipe extrusion. Its primary function is to melt, mix, and propel the raw HDPE material through a specially designed die to form the desired pipe shape. The extruder achieves this by using a single rotating screw within a barrel to transport and compress the HDPE material, thereby generating the necessary heat and pressure for melting and shaping it.

Additionally, the single screw extruder also assists in controlling the temperature and pressure along the extrusion process, ensuring the proper fusion and shaping of the HDPE material into a uniform and consistent pipe.

Overall, the single screw extruder is essential for the efficient and precise production of high-quality HDPE pipes used in various applications.

Technical Parameter

  • Screw diameter: 65MM
  • L/D: 33:1
  • Material of screw: 38CrMoAl
  • rotating speed: 120RPM
  • Heating zones: 5zones
  • Heating power: 5KW
  • Air cooling fans: 5sets
  • Driving motor power: 55KW
  • Pipe range: 20~110 MM
  • Output capacity: 200 KG/Hr.
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